Advantages of the Trovan Technologies

Trovan is pursuing an active research and development program. The company's technology innovations provide users with unmatched system performance, and tags that have improved reliability, small size and low cost. Protected by numerous awarded patents, with additional patents pending, the TROVAN technologies represent some major breakthroughs in the field, including enhancements to product performance, manufacturability and delivery.

Advantages of the Trovan systems include:

  • Superior read distances for any given transponder form factor.
  • Exceptional read speed.
  • Unmatched system dependability.
  • Unprecedented readability near metals; transponders can be attached to metals, even flush-mounted in metals.
  • Resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • ID code security in the TROVAN UNIQUE™ and TROVAN EX™ product lines.
  • Optimized transponder manufacturability, with resulting economies of scale and cost advantages.
  • Laser programmed integrated circuits for applications where long term reliability in harsh environments required.