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Capsule Patency System

An example of innovative new uses of the TROVAN technology in patient care is the Given Imaging PillCam® COLON capsule endoscopy.

PillCam® COLON capsule endoscopy is a minimally invasive tool for direct visualization of the colon, including identifying the occurrence of polyps. PillCam COLON is complementary to colonoscopy and may be used as an alternative for those who refuse other invasive colon exams or in some patients who have higher risk for complications from colonoscopy including patients with bleeding, or sedation risks, previous incomplete colonoscopy or for patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

In patients with known or suspected strictures, the patency capsule is used to determine if the capsule endoscopy is a good option for these patients. The dissolvable patency capsule is filled with barium, and contains a tiny ID-100A transponder . The patient swallows the capsule and after 24 hours the a specially made reader (pictured below) is used to determine if the capsule has left the body. The reader has a range of more than 30cm to detect the 12mm ID-100A.

Below: special patency capsule

Below: Patency reader, used to detect the ID-100A transponder in the patient’s body.