Medical & healthcare

Trovan offers a range of equipment that has been targeted towards the requirements of researchers.

Asset Tags

  • A range of asset tags, to identify assets and locations.
  • Maximize peformance
  • Unsurpassed performance for every given size of LF tag.
  • Just the right form factor for your application

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  • A comprehensive range of fixed mounted and portable readers

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Stands and accessories to optimize the ergonomics of working with TROVAN RFID equipment. Identify your samples quickly and automatically by generating barcode labels for biopsies, blood samples and tissue samples that match the original transponder ID.

Are You Studying Animal Behavior?

Using Trovan microchips ensures animal welfare and reliable data collection, minimizing study cost and the need for “do overs.”


  • Only glass encapsulation provides an impermeable barrier protecting the electronics inside the capsule.
  • Trovan microchips are encapsulated in specially made bioglass which is non-toxic to the animals.


  • A Trovan microchip’s glass capsule is laser sealed an automated process that ensures a precision seal of the glass capsule, protecting the electronics inside.


  • Trovan’s patented microchip design has only 1/3 the connection points and components of conventionally assembled microchips. Fewer connection points and components ensures highest reliability.
  • Full automation during production eliminates the human factor found in conventional microchip assembly processes and ensures unmatched reliability.