Medical & healthcare

Managing Hospital Assets & Inventories

Hospital staff spend a significant amount of their time searching for equipment. Managing hospital equipment with Trovan RFID saves staff time locating and maintaining inventory. By tagging hospital and medical equipment, hospital managers can:

  • Track equipment usage and maintenance
  • Track the time an item is in any department
  • Improve equipment utilization

Equipment tagged with Trovan transponders can be checked in or out by authorized personnel, or scanned into or out of hospital rooms.

This data allows hospitals to generate reports to see where cost savings can be made.

TROVAN Transponders are well-suited to attachment and scanning on metal items and in areas of high EMI.

Please discuss details of the application with us.

Contact Trovan for information about information on comprehensive asset management solutions for beds, wheelchairs, mechanical ventilators, cardiac monitors, defibrillators, ultrasound mobile x-ray and other high-value assets.