How do I achieve a return on investment?

Nowadays, companies are tracking items as inexpensive as disposable water bottles, soda cans, even matchbooks, with barcode.

Why is that?

Supply chain management, and the bottom line savings a modern supply chain management system will provide for companies, are critical to optimizing company profitability.

(1) What is the cost of NOT implementing asset tracking?

What is the cost of lost assets on a quarterly or annual basis? What is the opportunity cost when assets are not available to perform their intended function? What are the soft costs of lost time and additional labor required when mistakes made? These considerations must be taken into account when considering whether or not to move ahead with asset tracking solutions.

(2) Does the technology fulfill the physical and technical requirements of the application?

In many applications, barcode is not a viable solution. In these situations, RFID can be a game-changer and yield enormous competitive advantages. In order to achieve a return on investment, one of the most critical decisions is selecting the right technology.

Are metal assets being tracked? Does the application entail a harsh or a benign environment? Often the least expensive method of identifying assets is not the optimal solution. Consider tag longevity and achievable read rates in the operational environment.

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