Access control

Security and Convenience: Trovan Access Control

Trovan Access Guard allows operators to effectively control access to buildings, parking garages and other restricted areas, safeguarding personnel and assets in secured areas.

  • Trovan Access Keys are read-only, and not subject to modification or alteration, for added security.
  • Transponders can be immediately deactivated in case of loss.
  • Read transponders in your pocket or handbag.

How it Works

Choose from HandsFree™ Cards, contactless key fobs, or wristbands.

Easily set up stand-alone or networked solutions. Trovan Access Key ID numbers may be stored in the reader memory and access privileges granted as needed. Access privileges may be separately adjusted for every secure area. Events are monitored in real time and management reports generated.

Security Built In

Trovan offers Access Keys in a range of configurations and with various printing options. RFID may be combined with additional technologies such as mag stripe and contact chips.