FishReader W demonstration

No more “call-and-response” data entry; or clip boards and paper. Learn how automating your data capture saves time, avoids costly mistakes, reduces the number of personnel needed. FishReader W hardware and software is powerful and fully customizable to your specific requirements. Economical solutions for every budget.

FishReader W demonstration with 5kg Salmon

See the FishReader system being used to automatically capture data on larger fish. The FishReader may be customized with external, wireless scale and fish measuring board to accommodate fish up to 1m20 in length and weighing up to 200 kg. Easily capture data on fish of all sizes: even the largest!

PrintReader demonstration

Generate labels to match your RFID/ PIT tags for incubator trays, DNA sample tubes and many other applications.

DSP-100 Transponder Recharger demonstration

Load bulk PIT tags / microchips into your needle quickly and easily: without sticking your fingers.

Reading fish with the LID-650/ANT-C600 reader

When transferring fish from one tank to another, or from truck to tank, automatically identify individual specimens in real time.

How to implant fish of all sizes

Demonstration of implantation technique using sterile PIT tags and needle. Quickly implant even small fish. In this example, fish weigh approximately 6g.