Microchips for travel

Are you planning a trip abroad?

Before traveling domestically or abroad, make sure your pet’s enrollment information is up to date in your national registry.

If you are planning travel abroad and want to take your pet with you, many countries require you to obtain an international health certificate for your pet. Some jurisdictions also require the pet to be microchipped.

If the microchip ID is 10 characters long and starts with 0001, 0002, 0003 up to 0008 it is a TrovanUnique microchip and complies with ISO Standard 11785 Annex A.

If a microchip is 15 numbers long and starts with 956 it is an ISO Standard 11784 microchip.

Many jurisdictions will have readers available at ports of entry to scan the microchips of arriving animals.

Following are web sites offering further information on traveling overseas with your pet:

USDA APHIS International Animal Export Regulations:

United Kingdom:


New Zealand: