Equine: Secure Identification For Your Horse

  • Positive identification
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of ownership

These are the objectives for individuals and organizations seeking to identify their horses. Trovan has been supplying equine-standard microchips for over 27 years.

Leading stud books, racing organizations and endurance riding organizations around the word have selected Trovan products on an exclusive basis because of their superior reliability and performance.

Not All Microchips Are Created Equal

  • Read range, Read area, Read speed

These three factors are critical. They determine whether a reader will be able to detect the microchip QUICKLY in a single pass, or whether they miss the chip. In these three respects, Trovan microchips are best-of-class.

  • Biocompatibility

Only glass encapsulation provides an impermeable barrier protecting the electronics inside the capsule.
Trovan microchips are encapsulated in specially made bioglass which is non-toxic to the animals.

  • Durability

A Trovan microchip’s glass capsule is laser sealed an automated process that ensures a precision seal of the glass capsule, protecting the electronics inside.

  • Reliability

Trovan’s patented microchip design has only 1/3 the connection points and components of conventionally assembled microchips. Fewer connection points and components ensures highest reliability.
Full automation during production eliminates the human factor found in conventional microchip assembly processes and ensures unmatched reliability.

When you ask for TROVAN microchips you are asking for the best for your horse.

Contact Trovan to learn more about how Trovan implantable transponders may benefit your organization.