Hazardous materials tracking

The use of Trovan RFID tags offers managers of industrial containers significant advantage over the use of barcode for effective asset management, particularly in harsh, industrial environments. Trovan Low Frequency RFID tags provide a method of definitive identification-a method by which a guaranteed unique identity is provided to a container for use throughout its life. This identity is guaranteed unique, secure-only being read by specific reader equipment when interrogated and robust enough to survive for life in cycles involving high pressure washing, exposure to corrosive chemicals and rough handling.

  • Permanently identify assets by recording the TROVAN UNIQUE identity against a specific asset for life, making sure asset management is done on a through life basis instead of on a cycle basis.
  • Improve productivity and information accuracy by using tags during operational activities to relate location, status, contents and activity against assets without the opportunity for misidentification. Provide a firm audit trail for change of ownership activities.
  • Improve maintenance and certification regimes by using handheld terminals to tie specific asset identity to activity with guaranteed audit trail and provide real-time operation validation and monitoring during operation.
  • Enhance security and governance by capturing greater information more accurately, faster and using this to identity ‘rogue’ activities and movements.
  • Analyze and optimize asset levels, usage, positioning and management to make the asset fleet more productive, reducing cycle times, applying logistics billing and making your assets work harder for the operator’s business and its customers