Inspection monitoring

The TROVAN Inspection monitor system utilizes Trovan technology to ensure that critical or planned inspections are carried out within a specified time period. Trovan technology linked with the cloud based application means that data gathered is irrefutable, the inspection either was or was not carried out. No data can be faked, no data can be changed, a user must be at a checkpoint in order to scan the transponder.

Inspection monitor is based around checkpoints which are locations or assets that must be inspected. Checkpoints have a Trovan Unique transponder which can be scanned by the Trovan Reader.

Those checkpoints can then be placed into routines which are ‘workflows’ specifying what needs inspecting at that location or for that asset at that time. Those workflows become onscreen directions for the user to follow.

The routine workflows have a schedule which specifies how often (daily, weekly or monthly) those inspections should be carried out and for each schedule the exact time the inspection must be completed by.

The schedule of inspections for that day are shown onscreen on the mobile device, allowing the person carrying out the inspection to choose which routine they wish to complete.

If the person carrying out the inspections is happy that the checkpoint passes the inspection criteria they scan the transponder attached to the checkpoint. If they are not happy they fail that checkpoint.

All data is transmitted in real time to a cloud based application which then monitors all routine workflows for two key triggers.

The first trigger is any checkpoint that has been failed by a user, the second trigger is any routine that is past its due-by-time.

If any triggers are detected by the system an ‘exception’ is created and an alert sent to one or more people via email and SMS.

There are an unlimited number of applications for Inspection Monitor, below are some real examples of how it is currently being used. Virtually any sector which requires critical or planned inspections to be carried out and irrefutable evidence produced that the inspection has been completed can benefit from Inspection Monitor. The system is very simple to install and operate; it is impossible for users to create false data.