trovan fdx-b

About the TROVAN FDX-B system

TROVAN FDX-B transponders are available in two configurations:

  • ISO 11784/85 standards compliant. The ID-162 FDX-B Standards Compliant Series features transponders with factory pre-programmed 15-digit ID codes. These transponders are read-only transponders with an unalterable ID code. Our standard, off-the-shelf configuration features the TROVAN manufacturer’s code. Transponders with ISO 3166 numeric country codes may be special-ordered.
  • ISO 11784/85 standards compatible. The ID-160 FDX-B Compatible Series features transponders that are supplied blank and may be programmed with an ID code by the customer. The code may be subsequently locked, if the customer requires.

While Trovan, Ltd. does not manufacture duplicate ID codes, FDX-B transponders are not recommended for applications that require data security.

For more information on issues concerning the ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 standards, please visit: