trovanFLEX™ read WRITE

About the TROVANFLEX™ read-write system

The TROVANFLEXTM system of reprogrammable transponders and reader-programmers is designed for use in production control and logistics, where data carriers must be capable of being programmed with item-specific information.

TROVANFLEXTM transponders feature 264 bits of memory, with 192 user-programamble bits yielding up to 24 ASCII characters. TROVANFLEXTM transponders feature adjustable memory configuration and answer-on-request transponder addressability. The ID code can be password protected. The programmer can also permanently lock in an ID code, either in full, or on a block-by-block basis.

TROVANFLEXTM transponders are not compatible with the TROVAN UNIQUETM system transponders and require special reader firmware to be read. In other words, a TROVANFLEXTM transponder cannot “clone” a TROVAN UNIQUETM transponder’s ID code.