trovanunique™ for access control

LID-650 Decoder (in HOU6XXL housing)

  • Requires regulated 12 VDC +/-5% linear power supply.
  • RS232 interface, 1200 ... 19200 baud.
  • Relay output, selectable potential free or 12 VDC no/nc.
  • Buzzer on board.
  • Realtime clock/calendar.
  • 256kb EEPROM for data storage. 6400 IDs without date/time stamp; 3200 with date/time/stamp.
  • Windows XP/Vista/7.
  • Use with ANT-610, ANT-611 and ANT-612 antennas.
  • Dimensions: 190 x 138 x 68 mm (7.5 in. x 5.4 in. x 2.7 in.)

CONV_RS232-USB: Converter from RS232 to USB
CLK650/655: lithium battery backup for clock-calendar;
DT-100: USB Data Logger
MEMEXP-512: 512kb EEprom to store 12,800 ID numbers without and 6400 ID numbers with date/time;
MEMEXP-1024: 1024kb EEprom to store 25,600 ID numbers without and 12,800 with date/time.
RELOUT: Extra relay output (only when RS485 disabled).
PWS-12V-1A: 110 VAC/220 VAC power supply
LID-650N: RS485 2-wire networkable
LID-650A: Access control functionality with Trovan Access Guard software
HOU6XX: IP40 housing, with 4 x IP68 cable glands
HOU6XX_W: IP 65 rated housing; available with wall suspension element
HOU6XX_S: Upgrade to IP68
RS232CAB: RS 232 cable, 1.8 meter
PWSCAB-EU: Mains lead Euro
PWSCAB-UK: Mains lead UK
PWSCAB-US: Mains lead US
TM-613-4: Multiplexed antenna driver board for use with 4 antennas to one decoder (for use with LID665/LID650)
TM-613: Single coil antenna driver

CC-650/612: Case, carrying, with foam insert, for LID-650 decoder and ANT-612