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Trovan has been providing innovative solutions for wildlife identification since 1991, and for over 25 years has been recognized as the premier microchipping solution for wildlife. The Conservation Breeding Specialist Group of the I.U.C.N. endorsed the TROVAN system in 1991, and subsequently, in 1992, CITES advised adherence to the CBSG recommendations. Today, over 300 zoos worldwide, 150 government agencies in 25 countries, and organizations such as WWF, rely on TROVAN to fulfill their identification and tracking needs. Trovan offers a range of portable readers at price points for all budgets and a range of microchip implantation solutions and sizes.

With its unmatched read range, read area and read speed, and system robustness, the TROVAN system provides reliable solutions in many applications where conventional RFID systems will not do the job.

We provide custom-built solutions for field researchers, including

  • reader systems equipped with multiple antennas
  • purpose-built antennas
  • submersible antennas
  • customized power supplies: mains powered, battery powered, solar rechargeable.
  • customized data storage options: memory expansion modules, data loggers with USB sticks; store up to 18,000,000 readings with time-and-date stamps
  • customized comms options: USB, RS232, RS485, bluetooth, Zigbee, Wifi, GSM
  • integrated weigh scales
  • optical beam sensors to trigger readings
  • relay-triggered traps, doors and gates, opening of feeders, turning on lights etc.

Our engineering specialists will work to provide you with the tailored solution that fits your requirements.

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