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Tracking kegs through the supply chain

Stocking the right amount of inventory in the right places is critical to the profitability of your business. If your sales outlets have too little inventory, your customers will start looking elsewhere. If they stock too much, you are paying to carry “dead inventory”. The key to minimize carrying costs while matching customer demand is allocating the right number of kegs to each sales channel. If your inventory shows 100 kegs for sale, you want them for sale at the right retail locations, not traveling around the country or lying idle in your warehouse at the opposite end of the country.

System Features

The Trovan Keg Management System provides the following benefits:

  • Records all relevant data for each keg. For example
    • Purchase date
    • Name of manufacturer
    • tare weight
    • serial number
    • type of keg
    • type of beer filled
    • fill date
    • filling location
  • Records keg movements in the supply chain real time
  • Records individual kegs delivered to each customer
  • Receipt printing at customer location and/or automated billing
  • Records cycle times and frequency for each individual keg.
  • System alerts when kegs have an unusually long cycle time.
  • Indicates distribution channels with recurring long cycle times
  • Shows where diversion and pilferage may be occurring
  • Automates scheduled maintenance alerts
  • Monitors suppliers’ performance (durability of kegs and valves)
  • Supply chain optimization can be implemented in stages. Please contact us to discuss your application.